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New Skin Maternity Post Session

Hello expectant mamas. You’ll probably recognize some or most of these questions from our session, but now I’d like to hear your words, direct from you, after you’ve had a bit of time to think about your story of motherhood and self.  Feel free to answer all or just a handful of the questions - they are all optional and you may find that some of them don’t apply to your particular story.  Don’t worry about eloquence; just speak from a place of openness and authenticity.  I will be using excerpts from your answers alongside your session’s feature on the blog, as well as the final photo essay including all of the women in the project.  I may correct spelling or grammar, or change a name to an initial (your partner or child’s name, for example) for privacy, but otherwise won’t change your words.  

Once you submit this page, I will send you a link to your private photo gallery and instructions on how to pick your favorites for download, if you wish.  Your session may appear on the blog/social media within 2-4 weeks, if not sooner.  You will not be tagged, but I’ll message you when it’s up and you’re free to share if you like. 

I’m so inspired by you mamas and honored to help tell your stories, and contribute to our collective story of motherhood. 

Thank you for collaborating with me on the New Skin Project.

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