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A Sunny and Connected Family Session - concord, lexington, acton, lincoln, burlington area natural light outdoor family portrait photographer

Fair warning - if you wear a pretty, twirly dress to a portrait session with me (and you're under the age of 13 ;) I will ask you to twirl.  And twirl some more. And some more.

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A Fun and Summery Family Portrait Session Celebrating Mom + Dad’s 40th Anniversary at the Acton Arboretum - CONCORD, LEXINGTON, ACTON AREA NATURAL LIGHT OUTDOOR FAMILY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER

The Acton Arboretum is a small but lovely little gem just about 20 min from downtown Concord and 40 or so minutes from Boston.  Meadows and gardens with ample seating punctuate the twisting paths, perfect for a relaxed family portrait session…

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