A Family Portrait Session Filled with Sincerity and Love on the South Shore - Hingham, Hanover, Milton, Cohassett, Rockland, Scituate, Hull Area Natural Light Outdoor Family Portrait Photographer


Sometimes I really love my job.  I am always thankful for my job - I get to make art for a living, which has only been my dream since the age of four or so, and not only that, but art that really celebrates and moves people to see themselves and their loved ones in a new light. That offers them something tangible that their kids and grandkids can look back on with awe and mystery and gratitude. I never would have guessed that going into family portrait photography would feel so purposeful; capturing moments in time for strangers and friends alike has become meaningful work for me.

I try to remind myself of this often, when I’m dealing with the bureaucratic, administrative elements of the job - the endless answering of emails, the gruesome work of culling a session, the knackering wait for files to back up to not one, not two, but three external sources.  Which I do for every session.  Just in case.  Because I am a ‘just in case’ kind of person.  And I sure was glad to be a ‘just in case’ kind of person a couple weeks ago, when my laptop bit the bullet and with it, so many files, least of which were the unedited files from the session I’d just shot with this gorgeous family.  


Thank goodness I had laboriously backed up all of the files in three off-computer locations! After just a few days I had a shiny new 27” iMac on my desk and was quickly back in business.  But if I had left it to chance, all those files, along with my family’s personal photographs from the past 4 years, would be gone.  It was yet another reminder that as amazing as technology can be, a digital collection of pixels on a screen are nothing compared to a physical print or album you can hold in your hand.  Even in this digital age, the memory made tangible holds a special weight.  Sitting on the couch with the grandkids or the nieces and nephew, pouring over crispy page after page of old photos - “who is that, Nana?” “Well, believe it or not, that’s me! And that squishy little baby is your father!” {cue audible awe and delight from grandkids}.  I’m not sure a jpeg file will ever carry that same resonance.  I implore any one reading this, any one who has ever been a client, and even myself - print your favorite pictures of your family.  Even if you’ve got a double chin and your husband's bald spot is gleaming in the sun. Even if the picture is wildly out of focus.  Even if you have it backed up in three places.  The value of these captured moments only increases, infinitely, with time, to those who will inherit them.

Ok, rant over.  


Can we all take a minute to appreciate how dang beautiful this family’s session is?  Not even boasting, there was magic in the air. 


Babygirl could not have been cuter.  Even without being able to talk, her personality was a glittery little force of nature 🙂. And I may have audibly squeaked while editing the adorableness of her and dad together.  There’s very little that’s sweeter in this world than a man that loves his kids so fiercely and so gently.


I love black and white edits.  I sometimes toy around with the idea going 100% monochrome (but I probably won’t).  Many of my favorites from this gallery ended up as black and white conversions, to knock out all the distractions and focus simply on the essence of whatever connection had graced my lens. I feel like the emotion in a photograph has more room to breathe and be when there’s no busy colors stealing our attention away.


A sincere thank you to my lovely clients!  I am looking forward to many more beautiful summer and autumn sessions this year with families celebrating this moment in their lives, whatever that moment may be.

Here’s a few more of my favorites from this session; take a peek at the full session in the video slideshow below <3


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