A Snowed-In Fine Art Family Session in Cambridge, MA by Asher + Oak Photography

What do you do when a major (and majorly unpleasant!) snowstorm hits on the day of your family portrait session? You turn it into an impromptu, in-home studio session, of course! (And trudge through the snow a little bit too, because why not?)


While I absolutely love natural light studio portraits, I don't usually do them in clients' living rooms! But I was happy to make an exception for Chara and her son X, who have been one of my superhero clients this past year, and so lovely to work with. 


The results were beautiful, modern fine art portraits that are also totally different from their summer portraits taken last year. 


X reminds me of my own son and is absolutely hilarious. Here he was dancing his heart out to some Beyoncé, like you do.


But we did manage to get some sweet and connected portraits, too. 


Finally, we all schlepped outside in our winter gear and captured some of that joyous snow before we started to freeze our tails off and had to scurry back home.


Thanks Chara and X for another wonderful portrait collaboration! 

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